Pokemon Gold: Soundboard – A Brief Guide

pokemon golf soundboard

It is often best to dispense with the formalities when it comes to Pokémon; we all know that it is hugely popular, has sold millions of units of games, DVDs, toys, and cards around the world, and is recognised by many RPG fans as one of the greatest of all time, at least on the Nintendo handheld consoles, if not in general. It comes as a great point of interest therefore when you can find a great free-to-play, flash-based incarnation of the franchise.

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Pokémon Tower Defense 2 – The Joy of Pokémon in Your Browser


To the untrained eye it may seem that the two apparently alien genres of RPG and Tower Defense aren’t made to work all that well together. To those who have experienced the incredible blend of Pokemon RPG action with a tower defense format that is central to the Pokemon Tower Defense series, however, it is obvious that the two genres actually go together extremely well. The original Pokémon Tower Defense is still an extremely popular game but even more popular is its sequel, Pokémon Tower Defense 2. With more variety, a better structure, and weekly updates to the game that continue to be released, this game is one of the few out there that adapt over time to the needs of the audience, with any bug fixes and changes being made regularly so that the developer, Sam Otero, can keep bringing the highest standard of gameplay to the thousands of loyal fans out there.

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Fire Up Your Pokedex for Pokemon Tower Defense


If you have been immune to Pokefever up to now, Pokemon Tower Defense may just be the game to change your mind.

While it is not Nintendo-made by any means (nor is it licensed by Game Freak), it does stick to the franchise’s signature formula and blends it in with tower defense elements that genre lovers will love. You start out in Professor Oak’s lab. After experiencing wild Rattatta attack, you are then given the task of uncovering its source. To get the ball rolling, you get to choose your very own Pokemon from the three starter ones found in the game. Specifically, you get to raise either Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle, or trade them off for one you catch while on your journey.

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