Fire Up Your Pokedex for Pokemon Tower Defense


If you have been immune to Pokefever up to now, Pokemon Tower Defense may just be the game to change your mind.

While it is not Nintendo-made by any means (nor is it licensed by Game Freak), it does stick to the franchise’s signature formula and blends it in with tower defense elements that genre lovers will love. You start out in Professor Oak’s lab. After experiencing wild Rattatta attack, you are then given the task of uncovering its source. To get the ball rolling, you get to choose your very own Pokemon from the three starter ones found in the game. Specifically, you get to raise either Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle, or trade them off for one you catch while on your journey.

Of course, what Pokemon would be complete without the battles? Aside from completing your Pokedex, you also get to duel Gym Leaders for their Badges. Sound familiar? Well, because it is. This game replicates the Pokemon experience so well. Combine series classics which have garnered decades of fan adoration all over the world with diverse tower defense game play and you cannot possibly go wrong.

Our experience throughout the game has been mostly a positive one. While there is much to be desired with regards to the user interface in general, the core game play more than makes up for it. With the ever changing stage mechanics, you cannot just stick to one strategy. In one stage, you may be required to protect candy from scavenging Pokemon. In another, you may need to trade up your offensive skills for defensive ones as you try to get past enemies. Mixing up strategies, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your team will help you along this grand adventure.

All of the basic 151 Pokemon are also catchable in this fan-made gem, which helps immerse the player in the Pokemon universe. If you are not that well versed in the series, you may have to get your facts elsewhere (and that is actually pretty easy since there are a ton of helpfun resource guides online). The game itself is chock full with Pokemon trivia that even inactive fans may have a hard time following.

If you ever want to trade for new Pokemon, grab rare Shinies, try your luck at the Game Corner or get your Daily Gift, the Pokemon Center is the way to go. As long as you do not play Pokemon Tower Defense while browsing the site, this seamlessly ties up whatever goodies you gain to your player account. In general, the WYSIWYG type menus do get the job done, despite how its layout must look to the picky. If there was a way to streamline the listings for more specific lookups, it would be perfect.

Overall, if you are either a player who loves the Pokemon games franchise or just a tower defense fan looking for a new challenge, Pokemon Tower Defense is just the right thing for you. With all of its features and its continued development, there is bound to be something to reel you into the game. Due to its number of stages, it is also recommended for those who are in the lookout for a lengthy game to fill in those long school breaks.

The second game is now on it’s way – check out the latest news on ptd 2 here.