Pokemon Crystal – Gameboy Color

Pokemon Crystal, the addictive Nintendo RPG game was released in Japan enabling players to connect to Nintendo’s game server via their mobile phones. They could play out battles with other players or join in events by dialling up at a set time. There are a few additions to the previous editions but this was the main marketing point to entice players to invest in Pokemon Crystal.

Pokemon Crystal made its way to the US and onto the Gameboy Color but without the added mobile facility. If you are a newcomer to this game then you will find it a great play plus introduction to Pokemon while if you have the previous releases it is more of the same with one or two extras. Fans of course will want Pokemon Crystal to add to their collection making this release every bit as successful as its predecessors.

There are some new features including a new female character, one hundred Pokemon available only on the GS series and The Pokegear to name but a few. The premise of the game is still the same, players aim to capture as many Pokemon monsters as possible by travelling through various locations, collecting items along the way and solving puzzles to become the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world.

There are two hundred and fifty one monsters or animals in Pokemon Crystal making it quite a challenge to capture them all. Once again you will have to bargain with other players  so that you can collect every Pokemon as it is not possible to find all the available characters within the game. Its a lot of fun getting together to play swapsy something that fans will enjoy immensely. All the different Pokemon have specific strengths and weaknesses in battle while the more they battle the stronger they become. Players can use their Pokeball to trap and capture wild Pokemon while capturing the more unusual creatures is much more difficult requiring intelligence and strategy making for a challenging game.

Once again the clock is in operation. I like this feature, as you enter the date and time, then the clock begins to tick monitoring the time of day. It makes the game very different when you use the timer as some Pokemon only appear in the day sleeping at night, while others are more nocturnal appearing at night so you have to be about then to capture these illusive creatures. There are a couple of new quests to play as an added diversion one of which is the Unknown Cavern found in the city ruins. The other is the Pokemon Battle Tower.

Pokemon also create more Pokemon in this edition. Yes Pokemon are having babies! Its a good feature as when they breed more you have more Pokemon to train plus fight in your battles. All in all fans of Pokemon will be happy with Pokemon Crystal but some of us can’t wait for a more advanced version that will bring something more to the table. 

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