Pokemon Gold & Silver – Gameboy Color

Let the games begin! This Gold & Silver Edition is the start of something really big and I mean really big! It has a massive two hundred and fifty one Pokemon characters, some new some familiar, over five hundred Trainers, one hundred or so new moves plus sixteen badges to win all in magnificent colour. I hope you have plenty of time on your hands because you are surely going to need it. Pokemon Gold & Silver is just what fans have been waiting for and then some, making it a must buy for Pokemon fans everywhere.

Players will be interested to find that a time clock has been added this time around. I really like this, it is a very good idea. When you begin you will be asked to enter the time and date. Once you have done this the clock starts clicking tracking the days in hours and minutes. Its really good how some Pokemon only appear at night while Pokemon who appear in the day will sleep during this time. Its a really good quirk that is very imaginative. Some items are attached to specific days of the week too so you have to make sure you play on those specific days in order to collect them.

Pokemon Gold & Silver will see you travel far and wide to some awesome locations in search of Pokemon. The story begins in New Bark Town where your ambition is to become a top trainer. You begin with just one Pokemon battling through the Land of Johto where you will capture and train Pokemon to combat the evil Team Rocket. You will meet old friends along the way, while this stage will be very challenging for you.

The array of Pokemon characters in Gold & Silver is breath taking. There are so many with so many differing skills and personalities, it is difficult to get your head around them all. You can select from a huge choice as you play along, these include The Wily Alligator or Chikorita to name but two. Dark type Pokemon are new, while they can fight against Psychic Pokemon with great force. There is also Steel type Pokemon who can fight very well against Plant Pokemon, I will let you discover them for yourself as it is a great part of the game being introduced to brand new Pokemon. Give them a try and you will see what I am talking about.

Once you have followed through all the battles you will eventually return home to embark on your journey to the Pokemon League. The game is full of twists and turns with extra plots to the story followed by counter plots that will have your head spinning by the time you are done. The game is very different to the earlier editions in that you can have six Pokemon with you at any one time, while they all have differing attributes, can carry out up to four attacks each, while also carrying various weapons. Its really a whole load of fun plus quite a challenge.

The trading element is here once again. You will need to use this feature in order to collect all the Pokemon available as you won’t be able to capture them all alone. You can swap with other players who may want a particular monster that you have, or vice versa, or you can always connect to the link cable station to acquire Pokemon from previous editions which is a nice touch too.

Pokemon Gold & Silver is simply an awesome very addictive game. There are tons of new items to discover and collect along with useful things like mobile phones, maps and even a radio to keep you company. The colours are lovely adding another dimension entirely to the game while there is plenty of music to hum along to plus great sound effects that give atmosphere. For a hand held RPG the game cannot be equalled. Fans of the Pokemon series must get out there and buy this game immediately, you simply wont want to miss it!

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