Pokemon Red – Gameboy

Pokemon Red released for Gameboy is one of the most fantastic games you will play! Nintendo have jam packed this edition with literally hundreds of creatures for you to seek out and capture plus that is only the start of the list of great attributes this superb game has. The game originated in Japan, firstly as a cartoon TV series, then a game along with all kinds of products from toys to tee shirts that fans could buy. Following this huge success Nintendo brought it over to America while the rest is history as Pokemon is the word on everyone’s lips.

The game begins as your character leaves home with the hope of becoming a Pokemon Master. Your aim is to go from place to place fighting the Gym Master of each town so you can become the Pokemon Master. There are around one hundred and fifty Pokemon characters for you to capture keeping you busy for quite some time.

The more you capture the higher your status will be plus which Pokemon you choose to train will affect how you progress, so you need to put some thought and strategy into your decision making. I just could not put this game down, while being portable it enabled me to play wherever and whenever. I am hooked!

Each Pokemon belongs to a category. There are fifteen categories while each Pokemon has his individual strengths or weaknesses. You will find that some Pokemon are far more powerful than others so are able to destroy the other Pokemon with ease, while it is your job to discover who is who plus which one has certain attributes. Its a lot of fun.

Capturing all the Pokemon is an arduous task plus it is a challenging quest that is not easy to complete. You will find that you will have to trade Pokemon with other players to actually find them all making for an entertaining bargaining element to the game. Players will only swap Pokemon with you if you have one that they require and so on.

If you are the type of person I am, you will be determined to capture all the Pokemon. It is not easy and I still haven’t succeeded. Gameboy certainly has one heck of a game on its hands with Pokemon Red. Its fun, its challenging, its competitive plus very very addictive. I guarantee once you start you will not be able to put it down and when you do, you will be thinking about how to proceed when you pick it up again. Good graphics, good soundtrack plus great controls make Pokemon Red a must buy.

Pokemon Red is available from Nintendo