Pokemon: Ruby and Sapphire

Ever since Pokemon games were released for The Gameboy Color back in 1997 their popularity has gone from strength to strength. For us loyal fans this is no surprise at all as the games are so well produced plus they are really addictive. Ruby and Sapphire editions follow on in this great tradition of games, that are now available for the Gameboy Advance.

Similar to the Red and Blue releases fans will enjoy more of the same in terms of the battles they will engage in plus the monsters and cute animals they will train. Ruby and Sapphire apart from having different covers plus a few characters that are only in each game, are relatively the same. Obviously if you want to catch and train all the little monsters you will need to buy both editions. As I am a thrifty person I got one of my mates to buy Sapphire so problem solved!

New features to these editions include Tag Team Bouts and Best of Show events. In the Tag Team Bouts players can use four Pokemon to battle it out at the same time rather than the usual two in previous games. To show your Pokemon off to their best you can play a mini game where you feed them all kinds of wonderful concoctions that you mix in a blender. Feeding them well will result in them looking good. Its a lot of fun plus is a good diversion from the game proper.

Other great diversions within the main game are the option to go to the casino to place a few bets or you can construct a secret fort from scratch plus design all the things you need for inside it. Its a lot of fun bringing a creative element to the game although it doesn’t really affect the main aim of the game itself its just a side line to pass a few hours.

Your main aim of course is to become the best Pokemon trainer on the planet but first you must select whether to be a male or female, choose a name for them, then its into the game proper for a whole lot of fun. Travelling around through towns and cities you will battle it out with other trainers, collect items from people along the way while fighting Pokemon of all shapes and sizes.

Once you have caught your Pokemon you can rack up their numbers and store them for future use. You can have up to six of them at your side at any one time, using their four moves that are individual to themselves. For example set up a fiery Pokemon against an icy version and he will wreak havoc on him but of course the water Pokemon can extinguish the fiery version and so on, making for a game of strategy that will tax the players to the limit.

Players need to catch as many different types of Pokemon as possible so that every eventuality is covered, while with over two hundred different types it is no mean feat catching the little blighters. All the well known Pokemon are here again such as Pikachu and friends while additional characters include Mudkip and Pelipper who are really useful as you will find out.

Visually Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire looks phenomenal with colourful graphics that are defined, clear and really cute to look at. Whether you choose to play as a single player or join in with friends fans will certainly have a crazy time that is filled with fun and challenge.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are available at Pokemon.Com