Pokémon Tower Defense 2 – The Joy of Pokémon in Your Browser


To the untrained eye it may seem that the two apparently alien genres of RPG and Tower Defense aren’t made to work all that well together. To those who have experienced the incredible blend of Pokemon RPG action with a tower defense format that is central to the Pokemon Tower Defense series, however, it is obvious that the two genres actually go together extremely well. The original Pokémon Tower Defense is still an extremely popular game but even more popular is its sequel, Pokémon Tower Defense 2. With more variety, a better structure, and weekly updates to the game that continue to be released, this game is one of the few out there that adapt over time to the needs of the audience, with any bug fixes and changes being made regularly so that the developer, Sam Otero, can keep bringing the highest standard of gameplay to the thousands of loyal fans out there.

Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is utterly unique and has a remarkable appeal to a wide audience because of its marrying of two distinctly different genres. On the one hand, you have a Pokémon game that follows the main series of games almost to the letter, allowing you to embark upon an adventure in story mode or get into a tournament-style battle progression in 1 vs. 1 mode, both with  a huge chunk of Pokémon from the main series that behave and evolve as they should. On the other hand, the battles themselves take place in a strictly tower defense-style format where the Pokémon act as towers and their moves are the weapons of each tower, using whichever attack is selected automatically until you decide otherwise.

The game is split into two modes, Story Mode and 1 vs 1 Mode. Sam Otero ensures that the story mode is updated regularly, and also that mystery gifts are available each week in the form of special shiny Pokémon that level up faster than regular ones. Story Mode involves exploring the different wild and trainer battles in the parts of the map that have been designed by Sam so far. 1 vs. 1 Mode is more rigid in structure much like the original Pokémon Tower Defense, with back-to-back battles against trainers with increasingly difficult Pokémon. Only the main story mode allows you to capture and train Pokémon like in the main series, whilst 1 vs. 1 involves purchasing the necessary Pokémon from a select few and attempting to win from there.

Style is something that this Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is not short and can be played here http://www.pokemontowerdefense1.com/, with everything looking and sounding exactly like  it's being played on a Game Boy Colour (for more Pokémon sounds, check out this Pokémon Gold Soundboard). There is also an incredible amount of content in the game, from the different story mode challenges to the sheer quantity of Pokemon to catch and train; a Pokémon trainer will never be left wanting here. The only problem with the game is that for beginners, it takes an incredibly long time to train your Pokémon to higher levels.