Pokemon Trading Card Game – Gameboy Color

Pokemon Trading Card Game is a deviation from the usual Pokemon editions to make it a card collecting game. Nintendo have done this very well, while like the previous editions the card game is once again very addictive. The premise is similar to the previous games except instead of collecting monsters you collect cards from the eight card club masters to become a top card master rather than a top trainer.

The game begins with a very good tutorial that talks you through the basics, so that new players wont feel all at sea when it comes to how to play. You can skip the tutorial if you wish to begin the game proper in single player mode. Challenging card players is the name of the game and while this is fun it does lack the excitement that the monster games exude. None the less it is lots of fun along with a good challenge that will see you playing for hours. Once you defeat a card club leader you are then awarded a badge. Then its onto the next challenge.

The game follows the same line as the real Pokemon card game except you can challenge players online which is really good. Players can choose to create their own decks or alternatively the game will help you create decks of different types. This depends of course on your supply of appropriate cards. There are two hundred and twenty six cards to collect and believe me its very challenging as players have to return time and again to battle it out with other card players.

There are four leagues with twelve games in each making a total of forty eight great games to play. Replaying games is optional too so if you are not happy with a particular result you can begin again. Trading cards is a large part of the game so battling it out isn’t the only aspect to enjoy. You can offer cards to opponents while browsing their collection to see if a swap is in order. There are safeguards in place to ensure you don’t make any mistakes such as swap a rare card for a common one. It is possible for players to be duped so watch out when trading.

There are different types of cards to collect including Basic Energy Cards and Special Energy Cards. Basic cards include Fighting, Fire, Electric, Darkness and Rainbow. Trainer cards are here too they can remove damage counters, remove energy from opponents or even revive ailing Pokemon. Stadium Cards and Supporter Cards are another couple of types of card making for a really varied collection.

Pokemon Trading Card Game offers players an alternative to the regular Pokemon editions. The cards are colourful and quite well defined so visually there is no problem. The usual Pokemon cute music accompanies what is a very addictive but fun game to play. Once I got into it I really enjoyed the experience. I wouldn’t say it compares to battling it out to collect monsters or to training Pokemon to fight battles but it is an alternative that is well presented. Fans will want to add this game to their Pokemon collection of that there is no doubt.

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