Pokemon Yellow – Gameboy

Yet another superb edition in this fantastic series of games for Gameboy released by Nintendo. Pokemon Yellow is based on the Pikachu character who is so cute, it is hard not to pick up this edition, even if it is a little similar to the Blue and Red releases. There are however one or two small differences to keep fans happy so you will definitely want this one for your collection.

You will acquire Pikachu with his own unique voice and personality right at the beginning of the game plus there are some new Pokemon characters to be found here and there. The characters this time around have been improved visually looking very close to the animated versions you see in the cartoons. You will love looking after Pikachu, while you will make him so happy when you allow him to fight, its all great fun. Another change is that you can now fight Jessie and  James from Team Rocket, this is a great addition to game play.

As with the two previous editions there are three screens that make up the game, being the Overworld where you navigate the main character, the menu plus the side bar where you do battle. It is your aim to capture all the Pokemon then put them to fight it out against other Pokemon. There is single player mode or multiplayer mode available giving you the choice of how you wish to play while all the Pokemon have their own individual attributes or strengths. The player has to decide which Pokemon serves them best by using initiative and strategy, its a lot of fun.

Swapping or trading your captured Pokemon for other players Pokemon is once again here. If you are having trouble finding them all you can always barter with other players for Pokemon they may have that you require and vice versa. Pokemon Yellow offers hours of game play fun battling it out with all the other Pokemon.

This game is so addictive as anyone who has played previous Pokemon games will know. The basics are simple find and capture Pokemon, train them then make them fight each other but its more than that. The search element is the thing that keeps me hooked. I hate to be beaten and I cannot give up on a task until I know I have completed it. Nintendo are very clever with this aspect as it is what keeps the player coming back for more, while all I can say is I love it!

Pokemon Yellow will be loved plus enjoyed by child and adult alike. It is very endearing while it also has the elements of challenge, fun plus the “I wont give up until I have captured them all” mentality. As long as you have your batteries charged up you can enjoy playing the game anywhere at any time. Graphically it is a treat with great characters while the soundtrack with its amusing bits of dialogue is really good. I am not in the least bit surprised that Pokemon has become a worldwide phenomenon, while Pokemon Yellow Pikachu is the cutest Pokemon I have seen to date.

Pokemon Yellow is available from Nintendo